Why Digital Marketing is required for A Business?

In a world that is globalized more than ever and where businesses are inter-connected across geographical boundaries more than ever, Digital Marketing has become the norm. Its enormous and growing importance can be estimated from the fact that no matter what products or services, businesses deal in, Digital Marketing remains an essential, the need of the hour.Simply put, the unwritten rule is – Get your business powered by Digital Marketing ELSE risk getting shipped out of the market by smarter competitors driven by Digital Marketing.

First, let us be clear as to what exactly is ‘Digital Marketing’?

Simple, it’s a digital process that promotes and markets a business’s products or services, reaching out to people in ways that is unthinkable in Traditional Marketing. In other words, it’s a sophisticated technique that allows businesses to reach out to the right audience and educate them about the merits and benefits of their business and products / services.

The USP of Digital Marketing is that it offers a level-playing field for all businesses, regardless of size, industry or geography.  By offering a clean level-playing field, it has made itself indispensable, a necessity for business growth and innovation today and beyond.


For any business to thrive in a competitive marketplace, it’s important to not only have a local presence, but also have a national as well as an international presence. This is where Digital Marketing helps and the benefits that it offers are manifold like:

HAS MORE IMPACT: Digital Marketing uses targeted research and analytics to swiftly determine which marketing campaign will work and will have more impact and influence on the audience. This in turn will help save up on spending and resources as well. In addition, it will also help to target only specific audiences making it easier to know which kind of Ad can lead to better impact and sales. Overall, it helps prevent spending on under-performing campaigns.

EXTREMELY COST-EFFECTIVE: Digital Marketing with its direct reach to people is more cost-effective than Traditional Marketing. This in turn helps to cut down on excessive marketing budget, and bring down costs and expenses while assuring a more effective advertising channel that reaches out to the customers in ways that is not possible with traditional marketing.

DELIVERS PERSONALIZED ATTENTION: With its ability to reach out to more people and provide direct personalized user-experience, Digital Marketing assures direct personalized attention, providing businesses better insight into customer-segmentation. By learning about customer behavior and preferences, businesses can work out their marketing strategy better to create a more ideal customer-experience. With better customer-experience, comes increased customer trust and loyalty, fueling increased customer-conversions.

FACILITATES BETTER CUSTOMER-ENGAGEMENT: A market survey by Global Web Index reveals that more than 80% of Internet users own a Smartphone and around 90% of the time is devoted to apps on the Smartphone’s. This means that with Mobile Digital Marketing, your business can get closer to more people, often across geographical boundaries, thereby ensuring a more personalized user-experience while opening-up a wider world of opportunities.

GENERATES INCREASED CONVERSIONS: With an effective Digital Marketing campaign, your business can succeed in attracting more traffic to your Website that through efficient leveraging tactics can be converted into leads and eventually full-fledged conversions and sales.

TRACK CUSTOMER’S JOURNEY: When combined with Google Analytics or other analytic tools, Digital Marketing helps your business to monitor all of your customer’s actions and preferences, thus offering a peek into their likes and dislikes. This way, you can fine-tune your offerings and provide them with better products / services, combined with the perfect experience.

GENERATES HIGHER ROI & REVENUE: By facilitating greater direct reach to customers and increasing outreach efforts, Digital Marketing helps to raise your revenue earnings. In addition, by helping create a more effective persuasive outreach campaign, Digital Marketing will enable your business to earn a more effective ROI as well.

ALLOWS TWEAKING: Digital Marketing makes it possible for your business to tweak its campaign strategy, by fine-tuning its appearance or content or image in line with prevalent trends, and then reuse the campaign structure without interrupting the flow of your marketing campaign.

MAKES BUSINESS MORE COMPETITIVE: By providing a level-playing field for all businesses, it offers your business (even those with fewer budgets) the opportunity to compete with other businesses. This way, your business can target customers across geographical boundaries, making it more competitive and competent.

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